Sunday, April 16, 2017

News Travels Fast

RGL deparment is famous for its creativity and original performances, and recent musical "Leonce & Lena" was not an exception. Spectators from all departments had a chance to watch the incredible acting of RGL students on Thursday, February 23. It was impossible to take the eyes off the actors dressed in posh costumes of 1960's fashion. Magnificent singing and well-rehearsed dancing were flawless, intertwining with the main plot. All the spectators were absorbed in the performance, and the unexpected finale took everyone aback. Besides, the play is based on Georg Büchner's comedy, which is especially important for the second-year students, as this play is included in their foreign literature course.

Besides. we have a chance to pry into the lives of celebrities, as the leading star of the performace, Myroslava Bloha, agreed to give a short exclusive interview.

- So, Myroslava, it is needless to say that the musical was splendid and highly praised by the spectators. Rumour has it that even Lidiya Volodymyrivna spoke well of your performance. Could you let us in on a secret about the preparation?
-  So, firstly we suggested adjusting the events to the epoch more appealing to us, and the idea wasn't rejected. Surely, our course of foreign literature had a significant impact, as the play is a part of our curriculum for this term. After having agreed on plot, we started rehearsing. We had to work hard until no one could show their disapproval of any details. So, no particular secrets, just hard work and a lot of inspiration.

- When did you first realize your ambitions as an actress?
-  Well, initially, various school plays attracted my attention to acting. I also participated in many performances of an amatour theater in my city. I actually thought of becoming an actress, but I had to fully accept the drawbacks of this sphere and entered our department. Yet, now I can combine both language learning and acting, which is great!

- Could you talk it up whether there were any funny moments behind the scenes?
- Oh, I have to be pretty economical with truth, as some people might not appreciate talking about their fails, but it was fun when we had to change our outfit in order to prepare for the next scene in less than a minute...Still, at that moment it seemed far from funny!

- Is there any chance you reveal a secret of plans for future now, when you're in the public eye?
- Surely, I'm not going to lead the lavish lifestyle, but I will definitely participate in other creative events organised by our students, as it's always lots of fun.

- How are you going to celebrate your achievements?
- Surely, it won't be exposed in the full glare of publicity. We decided just to gather together in a not very extensive circle of all people who helped with the musical and finally have some rest, even though the process wasn't tiring but exciting.

Going Green

After watching the videos about climate change, I can certainly say that it is absolutely vital for everyone to learn how to protect our environment and save energy. As the demand for energy grows globally about 2% each year, we need to change our ways of consuming energy in order to avoid dire consequences. As wind power is one of the fastest growing renewable sources of energy, we should consider switching to this alternative resource. By implementing the usage of offshore wind farms, we can reduce our carbon footprint. 

Moreover, we can use up another natural resource that will conserve energy. This is solar energy, which works while we charge up special solar batteries, and they later produce electricity. By using solar heating, many people have already found a solution to slow the irresistible climate change down and avoid eco-disaster. What is more, scientists from Sheffield University are working on the daunting task of figuring out how plants transform the solar energy into food we can eat, so that we protect ourselves from extinction.

To my mind, the most profitable eco-friendly green policy in Ukraine would be creating eco-villages, as we have a lot of natural resources, but we just need to learn how to use them properly. This would be very useful for public health as well as sustain biodiversity and conserve energy. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Money Matters

It is often hard to keep track of your outgoings, and the game "SPENT" proved it one more time. When the money is tight, it is reasonable to save it, but the game offered different situations, which made me click the button "pay" countless times. I tried to pick items on a low price, tighten my belt and avoid getting in debts. I made it through the month with 399$, however, I wouldn't afford to pay for the rent. The game taught me that money doesn't grow on trees, and there are many situations that don't allow you to put a bit away every month.

His Story. Her Story.

Alan Turing was an English computer scientist and mathematician, who made a breakthrough in the development of computer science. He is considered to be the father of artificial intelligence, as he made a huge contribution in this sphere. Turing assisted the Government Code and Cypher School in German naval cryptanalysis. He ensured success in deciphering German machine called Enigma, while previous attempts produced no results. As it was estimated later, his work made a dramatic improvement and guaranteed success in winning the war. My interest in his personality springs from my keenness on the history of World War II, but there is one more reason why Turing's name is steeped in history. In spite of the sensation he caused in science, his sexual orientation attracted critisism. He had to suffer the consequences of an awful prejudice and was convicted for "gross indecency", as the government of that time missed the point of what is actually a threat to the lasting peace. Eventually, Queen  Elisabeth II signed a pardon on his conviction, because that unjust action caused uproar among the public and a lot of embarassment for the government. Even though it didn't have any influence on Turing's life, as almost fifty years have passed, it created awareness of the problem of many people still being convicted of the same 'crime'.
Therefore, Turing not only had a huge effect on the end of the WWII but also made the society face the consequences of unfairness and prejudice. Firtunately, nowadays our society is ready to appreciate the major impact of one's actions without paying much attention to the details of this person's private life.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Word families. Word formation.

It might seem incredible, but words with Latin and Greek origin surround us everywhere. When people go on a subway, get prescriptions from their psychiatrists, drive their automobiles or take photographs, they often do not suspect that so many words actually derive from these ancient languages. As a phylologist, I find it very beneficial to know Latin and Greek roots and prefixes, as then it is much easier to guess the meaning of the word. First and foremost, you don't have to work on this material overtime, because even a bunch of roots and prefixes will open for you many prospectives on learning the language. After that, you will be able to conduct a little research on the word as if you put it under the microscope and study its autonomous parts.

 The Cyber School (p.138-139)


On the Move

Refugee Crisis

In recent years, the problem of refugees has risen to a critical scale. Thousands of people have to flee from the devastating war in their native countries. Ethnic groups and minorities from Afganistan, Syria and many other countries seek asylum in Europian lands. Fortunately, the governments of these countries meet them with no hostility, even though immigrants often face prejudice against them while getting the hang of living in a new surrounding. There are still people, who have no desire to support the "invasion" of refugees in their native towns. 
Yet, it is important to get into the refugees' shoes and think about the situation they happened to get in. They are uprooted from their homes, forced to seek refuge from the terrorists, who disrupt the peace in their countries, and they have to integrate into a completely new society. Moreover, the cultural shock and differences in religious faith make it harder to get accustomed to the new way of living. There are many stereotypes about refugees, but, sadly, there is sometimes more background for them than simply prejudiced people talking rubbish. Some people can't bear the new conditions they have to get used to, so they might provoke dangerous situations. Still, we should understand that this is not the matter of refugees but individuals, who repel the new law and order.
Therefore, refugee crisis is a crucial problem, but as long as our society remains accepting and caring, people can feel safe in their new homes and look forward to returning to their native land when the peace will be finally achieved.

Appearance and Character. Relationships.